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Why Storage Space Lighting?

Posted by Joe Lightman on Aug 2, 2017 12:07 PM

Effective lighting for a small storage room or closet whether at home or work provides easy access and visibility, allowing you to be more efficient and organized. Unlike a kitchen or an office space where the need for light is constant, storage spaces are used infrequently or for short periods of time, making them a great fit for the innovative and energy friendly lighting options available today, including motion sensor activated LED fixtures.

At Home 

Spaces in the home where lighting is typically an afterthought include clothing closets, attics, basements and under-stair storage. As the saying goes though, out of sight is often out of mind, so when a space is dark, it’s hard to find what you need. Closet lighting allows us to better organize the space and quickly find what we are looking for. If the space already has a light it might offer inadequate light or in the case of basic fixture with a pull switch, it is a fire and safety hazard. You might also want to improve the aesthetics of the space.Black-white-home-office-study-1.jpeg

At Work 

The same logic of organization and visibility applies in the workplace, whether it’s a utility room, small data/server room or a janitorial closet. For cleaning professionals, a janitorial closet is typically their office and operations center. With equipment such as mops, brooms, cleaning solutions and restocking supplies, a disorganized janitorial closet can lead to confusion. Some cleaning materials might also be hazardous, hence the importance of proper lighting. Lighting helps maintain the closet, improves efficiency and supports safety and professionalism for the custodial worker.

For facility managers and building owners seeking LEED-EB certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings) an added bonus of effective utility closet lighting is that the facility can earn points simply by having a green compliant and clean storage and utility closet.

Where Do You Need Storage Lighting?

Spaces that are used frequently, such as day-to-day home living or office working areas are not a good fit for the highly efficient, lower wattage, smart controlled lighting that is now available for small spaces. 

Spaces that would benefit from a storage light have the following features:

  • They are relatively small and require low light levels
  • They are used infrequently
  • They are used for short periods of time, usually to get or check on something
  • They have no sources of natural daylight

The most obvious candidate for storage space lighting improvement is those spaces that either have no light, have limited battery powered lighting or have a simple fixture, maybe with a bare bulb or a simple pull switch. 

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