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Vapour Proof Versatility – Lighting Examples

Posted by Alafiya Shabbir on Mar 14, 2017 3:16 PM

Understanding the differences between each type of vapour proof lighting can be a little difficult. To help you pick which one works best for you, we’ve outlined some of the specific functional uses for each of our fixtures – the FW4, LFW, and LFX ranges of LED vapour proofs.

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Commercial Freezers

Requirements: A lighting fixture than can handle extreme temperatures without affecting light levels or lifespan. In order to save both time and money for your business, these fixtures would ideally need very little replacement or maintenance. For even more cost savings, look for fixture with dimming capabilities and energy-efficient operation.

Ideal Fixture: FW4 

Car Washes

Requirements: A durable, water-tight, corrosion-proof fixture that can handle both extreme water pressure and the chemical strain of industrial cleaners. The fixture must be durable enough to also operate in a variety of temperature settings, especially in geographies with cold winters and hot summers, and the light should be reliable and consistent in its brightness and quality.

Ideal Fixture: LFW 

Poultry Barns

Requirements: Rugged enough to withstand the everyday operations and conditions of a commercial animal-centered facility. In addition to being water-proof and weather-resistant, so that the casing does not deteriorate or cause a safety hazard, the light must also be suitable for raising fowl. Dimming capabilities and options in colour temperature are necessary to make sure the light is capable of creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the health of poultry animals – who absorb and react to light differently than humans.

Ideal Fixture: FW4 

Dairy Barns

Requirements: A well-lit barn is important not only for safety and operational efficiency, but the right type and amount of light also improves cow health and milk production. Look for hardy, long-lasting fixtures that have flexibility in mounting orientations, size, and light colour to be able to tailor your lighting plan to match the dimensions of your facility and the specific needs of your animals.

Ideal Fixture: LFX

Underground Parking Garages

Requirements: Capable of withstanding some rough handling and fluctuations in temperatures and unaffected by low levels of moisture in the air. The best fixtures for underground parking garages will need very little replacement – efficient, long-lasting fixtures – that save both time and money by reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Ideal Fixture: LFX, LFW, FW4

Industrial Facilities

Requirements: A general level of sturdiness in the construction of the fixture. Ideally, long lasting fixtures that require a very low level of maintenance and infrequent replacement, especially in areas with inaccessible mounting heights.

Ideal Fixture: LFX, LFW, FW4

Have a specific application that you need some help lighting? Let us help you idenitfy the features you need in your lights to get exactly the functionality you need -- nothing less, and nothing more. Leave a comment below, or reach out to us and let us help you with your lighting plan!


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