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RAB Design Lighting wins New Product Competition at MCEE 2015

Posted by Kamna Mirchandani on Apr 24, 2015 2:16 PM

RAB Design Lighting, a leading Canadian manufacturer of lighting products received the 2015 MCEE Award in the ‘Exterior Lighting’ category for its DVAKS LED 14W energy efficient vapourproof fixture. RAB Design was honored by the MCEE’s panel of judges for its ingenious design that enables retrofitting the existing incandescent vapourproof utility fixture with its LED version in under 10 minutes. 



DVAKS LED Retrofit Series as a ceiling mount, wall mount and pendant mount


This DVAKS LED series of fixtures comprises the DVAKS LED which can be ceiling mounted, the DVBKS LED which can be wall mounted and the DVCS LED which can be pendant mounted. The incandescent assembly consisting of the guard, glass, socket assembly and incandescent bulb and incandescent bulb can be easily removed and replaced with the DVAKS LED series fixture.

To date, RAB Design’s DVAKS LED has received an overwhelming response from the electrical industry accompanied by double digit growth in sales of the product.

“It’s an honor to be recognized at such a prestigious show in our industry. In a fiercely competitive market that is saturated with hundreds of lighting companies, breaking through the clutter is a significant challenge,” said Irwin Beron, President of RAB Design Lighting. “By listening to our customers and designing product features that truly matter to them, we believe the DVAKS LED Series has resonated in the market.”

The DVAKS LED series fixture is extremely versatile and can be installed using a wide range of glass and guard accessories. It is the only fixture in the market where a low profile polycarbonate lens can be replaced with a globe and guard. Rated IP65, these fixtures are robust with a precision die cast aluminum housing and can operate in temperatures ranging between -40̊C to +40̊C. This robust construction and wide range of options creates commercial opportunities in industrial and architectural applications such as entrances, stairwells, man-doors, outdoor walkways, tunnels and service areas among several other applications.




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