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How to assemble LED under cabinet lights (UCA series) – Part 2

Posted by Kamna Mirchandani on Dec 16, 2014 1:51 PM

In our last post, we discussed the function of each accessory of the our LED under cabinet lights - UCA LED series. In this post we will explain the various assemblies in the plug in option. The plug in method can be a great way to add under cabinet lighting to your kitchen since it is more cost effective and easier to install as compared to the hard wire option. Barring the one exposed cord that connects to the outlet, the other wires can be hidden under the cabinet.

Plug in assembly

The UCA unit consists of the fixture, a direct connector, a cable connector and 2 screws. Additionally, you require a plug in power supply (6W, 24W or 48W) that can be plugged into a standard NEMA 5-15 wall outlet. UCA fixtures are available in 4 lengths of 8.9”, 11.8”, 19.7” and 39.3” and can be connected in series one after another using either the direct or cable connector. Note, as mentioned in part 1, each run can only be a maximum of 32W, thus the use of the receptacle 4 / 8 outlet splitters to distribute the power supply into various runs maybe required.

The diagrams below indicate the assembly for each key accessory: the switch connector, touch dimmer and PIR motion sensor.

  • Switch connector: As mentioned in the part one of this blog series, the switch connector has a small button that you can press to turn on or turn off the light.



  • Touch dimmer: The touch dimmer allows you to adjust light levels ranging from completely dimmed down light levels to full brightness.


  • Motion sensor: The motion sensor or occupancy sensor detects motion in the room and accordingly switches on the light. Depending on the setting chosen and no motion being detected, the light will then switch off.





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