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How to assemble LED under cabinet lights (UCA series) – Part 1

Posted by Kamna Mirchandani on Dec 5, 2014 4:38 PM

The UCA series of LED under cabinet lights is a unique fixture because of its ultra slim profile, pivoting design and a wide range of sleek accessories that can create that perfect ambiance for your kitchen. Many customers ask us about the accessories and various assembly options of the UCA series. So we’ve put together a three post blog series to address these frequently asked questions. In the first part, we will explain each accessory and its function. In part two, we will discuss the Plug in assembly options and in part three; we will explain the hard wire assembly options.


UCA LED Series comes in various interconnecting lengths


  1. Direct Connector & Cable Connector: Direct and cable connectors are external accessories that facilitate connections between fixtures and accessories in a single run. One direct connector and one cable connector are included in any fixture unit.  

  1. Touch dimmer: Used primarily in a plugin power supply install where there is no wall switch dimmer, the touch dimmer allows you to dim the lights down to your desired levels. 


  1. Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor: The PIR motion sensor is an occupancy sensor that detects motion in the room and accordingly switches on the light. Depending on the setting chosen and no motion being detected, the light will then switch off.


  1. Switch Connector: Used primarily in a plugin power supply install, the switch connector has a small button that you can press to turn on or turn off the light. This is more convenient than removing the plug in power supply from the wall outlet to switch off the light.
  1. DC Junction Box Connector: The DC junction box connector is primarily used for a hard wire install and is an excellent option because it allows you to run bell wire (Wire LVT 18/2, CSA, 300 V, PVC jacket) behind the dry wall facilitating a neat and safe install.  


  1. Receptacle 4 & 8 Outlet Splitters: The receptacle 4 outlet splitter allows you to split the load from one power supply in 4 different directions or runs, while the receptacle 8 outlet splitter allows you to distribute the load in 8 different directions. Depending on the wattage in the run, outlet splitters eliminate the need for additional power supplies. The maximum wattage on each run is 32 watts.



In our next post, we will discuss options for the plug in assembly. Let us know if you have any questions on your under cabinet install.

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