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How to light closets and storage spaces

A Guide to Lighting Compact and Forgotten Storage Spaces

Storage lighting for smaller spaces in the home or workplace is often ignored, forgotten or given minimal attention. Builders and homeowners typically focus on lighting that is more prominent and visible in their homes/spaces. There is however a compelling case for effective closet and storage space lighting, including lighting efficiency, making a space look and feel bigger, better and more organized, including easy access when you need things in a rush.

With newer LED and smart sensor technology combined into simple fixtures such as RAB Design Lighting’s SpaceLite, today there are simple, cost effective solutions to lighting closets and other smaller storage spaces.


Both Canada and the U.S. have requirements in their respective electrical codes for lighting in storage and clothing closets. For clothing closets, the guidelines specify light placement and warn against the use of pendant lights and incandescent lights that are not lensed (covered) for safety against fire breaking bulbs.

For facility managers and building owners seeking LEED-EB certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings) an added bonus of effective utility closet lighting is that the facility can earn points simply by having a green compliant and clean storage and utility closet.


SpaceLite: A Light for Small Spaces

The SpaceLite provides a cost effective, easy to install, energy efficient light with sufficient lumens to light up most smaller closets, utility room and other small storage spaces.

The SpaceLite is a simple, inexpensive, motion sensor activated LED light fixture that installs in minutes onto a standard junction box.

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